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“Be Wild. Stay Rooted.” Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt


Giving Tree Farms Donates to Primary School in Jamaica

Giving Tree Farms is donating 5% of profits from their new cannabis strain to a primary school in the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica. All funds generated from this heavy-hitting hybrid will go towards the construction of a computer lab to be used by the school, students, staff, and surrounding community. Giving Tree Farms is a Simply...

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Delta-9 or Delta-8?

Although its chemical structure is very similar to that of Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 has some significant differences with its closest relative, which make it an interesting alternative. Delta 8 THC offers surprising and pleasant wellness benefits and at the same time provides the highest THC...


Cannabis Tourism Coming to an End in Amsterdam?

The mayor of Amsterdam has declared that he is banning foreign tourists from the city’s famous cannabis cafes. Amsterdam police will no longer turn a blind eye to foreigners buying cannabis in the city’s famous coffee shops when a national ban comes into effect next year, the mayor said on...


Colombia the New California of Cannabis?

According to inside sources, the Colombian Constitutional Court has ruled that the country’s recent decision to ban public cannabis use is unconstitutional, in part because it violates citizens “fundamental rights, even though it protects public safety and the safety of children, as it should....


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