Giving Tree Farms donates to primary school in Jamaica

Giving Tree Farms is donating 5% of profits from their new cannabis strain to a primary school in the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica. All funds generated from this heavy-hitting hybrid will go towards the construction of a computer lab to be used by the school, students, staff, and surrounding community.

Giving Tree Farms is a Simply Clean certified craft-cannabis farm located in the Anderson Valley appellation of Mendocino County. Part of the Giving Tree Farms team is Ossie and Richard, both of who are originally from Orange Hill, Jamaica. Ossie and Richard attended the Westmoreland Revival All Age School, the school Orange Hill OG’s donation will be directly benefitting.

When the farm learned of the challenges these team members faced in their youth, like a lack of computers or appropriate school infrastructure, they looked for a way to help out. This lead to the formation of the Giving Tree Farms Foundation. With their aim to raise money for the school, Giving Tree Farms decided to name their cause-driven strain “Orange Hill OG” after the community they hope to improve and the future generations they strive to support.


Giving Tree Farms Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization based out of California. Their goal is to unite farmers, schools, and communities and encourage a culture of collaboration through grants funded by public-supported campaigns. Their project goals include: connecting farmers with local food banks; creating community gardens; bringing technologies, structural upgrades, and financial support to primary schools; introducing beneficial technologies to developing agrarian communities; and supporting the creation of local entrepreneurship programs.

Learn more about the Giving Tree Farms Foundation and the agrarian communities they hope to serve by visiting:

Wild Roots

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