Cannabis tourism coming to an end in Amsterdam?

The mayor of Amsterdam has declared that he is banning foreign tourists from the city’s famous cannabis cafes. Amsterdam police will no longer turn a blind eye to foreigners buying cannabis in the city’s famous coffee shops when a national ban comes into effect next year, the mayor said on Wednesday.

The Dutch government will implement plans to introduce a weed passport (Wietpas) to prevent tourists from buying marijuana in coffee shops in the Netherlands. In order to combat the anti-social behavior of tourists, foreign visitors will be banned from selling cannabis in the city’s famous coffee shops from 1 January next year.

With an estimated 166 coffee shops selling cannabis in Amsterdam, the move will mean a drop in tourist spending. Bond van der Zwaan, who represents coffee shop owners, however, believes tourists will continue to return to Amsterdam. He told Dutch News that the demand for cannabis will not stop, but that it will discourage tourists from looking for cannabis in legal coffee shops. He was much more realistic and said that a ban on tourists from coffee shops would now be without major negative side effects.

Nothing has yet been set in stone, but while we are certainly following the verdict of the Amsterdam people, we assume that banning cannabis tourism will be a big mistake for several reasons. This is certainly not the first time that the Netherlands has tried to stop cannabis tourism. It is possible that many other European governments will see the cannabis tourism industry of Amsterdam as an opportunity to decriminalize or legalize cannabis in their own countries, for the very reasons outlined by the mayor of the city.

To better understand how cannabis plays in Amsterdam’s tourism industry, the office of mayor Femke Halsema conducted a survey that found that almost a third of international tourists would be less likely to travel there if they were forbidden to buy pots in coffee shops. She claimed Amsterdam would lose out if foreign tourists were not allowed to buy cannabis in the coffee shop.
Halsema said, “Our research has shown that for almost 60% of tourists in Amsterdam smoking cannabis is the main reason for their visit. In fact, 58 percent of tourists who come to Amsterdam do so mainly to use cannabis, according to our research.

There are 166 cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam, which make up more than 70 percent of the total number of cannabis cafes in the city. There are also 166 cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam, which, according to the Amsterdam City Council, generate 1.5 million euros in income from cannabis sales annually.

According to the city administration of Amsterdam, 46 million people visit the Netherlands every year, most of them coming to Amsterdam. In 2016, a total of 46 million people visited the Netherlands, most of them from Amsterdam. A total of 46 billion euros, compared with 44 million euros in 2016.

According to the Amsterdam City Council, 46 million people visit the Netherlands every year, most of them coming to Amsterdam. In 2016, it was 46 billion euros, and in 2016, 44 million euros. According to a report by Amsterdam City Council cannabis is only available in coffee shops and dispensaries where it can be smoked or eaten, although it is restricted in some cities. According to an article in the Sunday Times of the Dutch Medical Association, there are a number of cannabis shops where cannabis may not be consumed in public places such as cafes and restaurants.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam have banned tourists if they are minors or if they cause disturbance as a nuisance to the public. Since the ban came into force, they have been found again on the streets and in coffee shops in Amsterdam. Those who love Amsterdam, like tourists, have no time left to enjoy their time in one of the most popular cities in the world.

Tourists who once flocked to Amsterdam for the ultimate cannabis experience may have to rethink their future plans. The move to ban foreigners from Amsterdam’s famous cannabis cafes appears to be driving weeds – happy tourists to Barcelona. The move could push Europe’s huge marijuana tourism market to Barcelona, which legalized and kept the drug low in 2017 – a crucial step compared to Amsterdam Weed Disneyland’s approach. Could the city’s decision to ban foreigners from its cannabis cafe make Amsterdam a more attractive destination for cannabis tourists than Barcelona?

If you think Brexit is bad, Amsterdam is considering breaking away from the rest of the world by banning non-residents from its famous cannabis coffee shops. The city has closed its coffee shop doors to non-residents, ending cannabis tourism in Amsterdam, which would truly be the end of an era. The Dutch city’s decision to crack down on anti-social behavior among tourists is well known for its post-legalization legalization policy, but will it really ban tourists from its cannabis-friendly coffee shop?


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